About Us

RecyPort Inc. is an online retail store that specifically specializes in exportation and retailing of cellular phone accessories. The toy sector of the business is a new addition which we hope to promote by leveraging on our presence and success in selling cellular phone accessories. We offer the latest high quality products that are very affordable; this has earned us the position of highly rated online seller since 2012.

Our Vision

RecyPort Inc. is committed to being the best phone accessories and toy store, which will offer a wide range of quality and affordable products in the US and beyond.

Our Mision

Our goal is to be a cellular phone accessory and toy line to reckon with, offering a wide range of high-quality products at a reasonable price with maximum convenience.


We create our products and activities while promoting conservation of the global environment with our business operations.

Keys to Success

Technological advancement – constant research will be done to make sure we keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Affordability – our products are reasonably priced and of high quality to ensure that our customers get value for their money.

Customer Service – our work team is highly experienced, with their main priority being customer satisfaction.  We will ensure that we provide the best possible price and flexible delivery options when servicing our customers to promote referrals.

Distribution Network – we will build a large and diverse distribution network globally.